Maple Leaf Place Cards


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Caspari place cards add the final touch to each place setting on a beautifully set table. They are perfect for creating name cards for guest's seats as well as labeling appetizers and entrees on the buffet or table. Each is printed on quality cardstock paper and features an eye-catching die-cut design. They are tented and will stand on their own, meaning no place card holders are required. Caspari is a respected publisher of exquisitely designed and printed paper products, with a reputation earned over the past seventy years by reproducing the work of established artists and museums from around the world.  

  • 8 place cards per pack
  • Size: 3.5" x 3.75" (at top of design), folded
  • Printed on high-quality cardstock with die-cut design
  • Design: A classic orange pumpkin attached to a leafy vine