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How to Fix the Perfect Cocktail


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Try one of the 50 recipes perfected by some of the world's best bartenders, and discover the fascinating story of the ingredient behind every well-made drink.

A classic cocktail relies on relatively few ingredients so every element has to be just right. Bitters, those little bottles you will find in any bar worth its salt, are the unsung heroes of the cocktail world. Where would the Manhattan be without orange bitters? Where would the Old-fashioned be without angostura bitters? Former bartender, cocktail historian, and founder of the House of Botanicals bitters and spirits company, Adam Elan-Elmegirab presents the results of a decade of research into how bitters came to be an integral part of a perfected cocktail, guiding you from the early days of snake-oil salesmen through to the birth of the cocktail, Prohibition, and the renaissance of this little-known ingredient as an essential part of the contemporary bar scene. Adam outlines the key botanicals and explains the science of flavor, describing how each characteristic can be deployed for maximum impact, and summarizes the key techniques for making great cocktails. Most importantly, he provides 50 recipes created by him and some of the world’s leading bartenders. These exceptional drinks showcase the different characteristics of bitters and how they can refine a cocktail in unique ways.