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Makes You Happy | Do One Thing Every Day Guided Journal


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The next installment in the wildly successful Do One Thing series focuses on what everyone aspires to attain—happiness—by prompting journalers to focus on the things, tangible and intangible, that bring joy to their daily lives.

Readers found boldness with Scares, creativity with Inspires, and mindfulness with Centers. The only thing left to do is get happy, and so we have Do One Thing Every Day That Delights You. This guided journal offers a quote, activity, or prompt for every day of the year, encouraging readers to find meaning and joy in each day, even if it seems completely mundane. Daily doses of wisdom and inspiration from famous writers, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others will invite readers to savor the little moments that bring smiles to their faces. The journal is not dated and can be started at any point.