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365 Days of Kindness


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This book is a practical guide to bringing kindness into your life, featuring 365 tips and quotes to inspire the reader to strive for compassion and gratitude every day.

This little book will help you find time every day for small acts of kindness and love. With innovative tips and a collection of inspiring quotations, it will be your guide to spreading goodwill and gratitude all year round.

Sample entries include:

• Keep a kindness diary—either on your phone or by writing in a journal. This could be a record of the compassionate acts that others have done for you, along with notes of kindnesses you’ve read about and ideas for things you can do for others. Your journal will be a great source of inspiration and a mood-boosting read before you go to sleep at night.

• Today, pause and acknowledge the importance of being kind to yourself. The way you treat yourself will affect the way others treat you. Learning to see yourself in a positive light and to nurture and care for yourself will genuinely change your life, so make a commitment to be kind to yourself every day from now on.